Today,the 25th of July 2019,the President of Mthwakazi Republic party (MRP) Cde Mqondisi Moyo met Smart Ndlovu ,the IRELAND MRP Branch Organiser and had lunch with him.

Accompanying the president was the SA organiser Mr Absalom Sibanda,Wisdom Mkhwananzi.

Of late MRP has been growing in numbers both home and abroad.We now have branches in UK,USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,IRELAND,BOTSWANA,SA and in all our provinces within our boundaries…uMTHWAKAZI.

We kindly urge all our people from around the globe,wherever they are ,to seize the moment,seize the opportunity,join the struggle for our liberation from the ZIM’s tribal oppressive system,for there is no better time than now.
Just like the nation of Israel,it took the ZIONIST movement to pave them a way after having been scattered across the globe to heed that clarion call,come back and reestablish themselves in 1948 as a nation.It is a known historical fact that uMTHWAKAZI was a nation prior to 1893 before its destruction by the pioneer column aka BSAC with the help of the shona natives.
Mthwakazi Republic Party is the political vehicle to our nationhood…
There is no freedom in foreign lands..Home is where love is.

Its time to go home.
Its time to fight in defense of our heritage ubuThwakazi.

MRP for peace and justice in our lifetime.

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